FingeRate 2.0?

Mar 7, 2024

FingeRate 2.0, a metaverse survey platform, allows anyone to request surveys/opinion polls and participate in surveys. Participants can earn rewards in SoT Mileage (SoM), which can be used to participate in fun activities or purchase items on the FingeRate marketplace.
We provide real-time satisfaction evaluation and service evaluation through an LBS-based survey/polling platform. We plan to virtually install 1.2 million Metaverse SoT devices worldwide and maintain ownership of these virtual assets through NFTs. When users participate in the survey, they will receive rewards from SoM. We will provide a service where everyone can customize a survey according to their needs and request a survey on SoT. SoT is sold using a best value bidding system using NFT technology. The reservation price for SOT varies depending on the grade.

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FingeRate's ecosystem offers AI-powered touchless surveys, a metaverse app, and MSOT tokens for seamless navigation. Simply explore your audience's emotions!