FingeRate 2.0 - First Ever Metaverse Platform with Utility

3 min readOct 15, 2021


Our official app FingeRate started its journey as a customer satisfaction survey application to make research & survey simple, fast and effective! However with our new version of the app — FingeRate 2.0, we are expanding on that that vision by transforming our app into a blockchain based metaverse. The SoT terminals of our FingeRate metaverse will revolutionize research & surveys by making it more fun & engaging while delivering an autonomous and secured ecosystem for the users.

What is SoT?

SoTs (Satisfaction of Thing) are research & survey terminals in the FingeRate Metaverse which is mapped from the real-world. Each SoT is situated in every 300m~500m range and comes with a meeting room.

How the system works

  1. Survey Requesters can set up surveys on the SoT terminals and offer rewards for survey participants.
  2. Survey Participants can participate in surveys on SoTs based on their locations.
  3. Survey Participants are rewarded with SoM (SoT Mileage) upon completion of the surveys. SoMs can be used to upgrade avatars and purchase various items or services available in the marketplace.

Benefits for FingeRate’s Users

How to Be an SoT owner

1. Choose your SoT from your favorite location

SoTs are spread across the FingeRate Metaverse, around thousands of real-world locations. You can choose the location of your choice or simply pick the popular ones!

2. Get your first SoT through OpenSea SoT Collection

Anyone can own SoTs by participating in auctions at the NFT marketplace or purchasing it from an SoT owner who puts his/her SoT(s) up for sale. More valuable an SoT is, more intense the competition is. Be quick to claim yours ASAP!

3. More SoTs, More Income!

SoTs are not just ordinary virtual assets but the actual means of earning money! SoT terminals are used for conducting surveys in the FingeRate metaverse, and SoT owners get a percentage of the revenue generated from their SoTs. So, owning more SoTs can make you richer.

***Official Sale of the SoT OpenSea NFT Collection will start from the end of October. Check the website for detailed information.***

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FingeRate (Formerly as BTour Chain) is a blockchain based survey platform in metaverse. It gives chance to users to participate in surveys and earn tokens.