FingeRate App: Future Updates

2 min readJul 1, 2024


Hello FingeRate fam,

We’re back to chat about the future of the FingeRate App and answer some of your most common questions! First off, don’t worry — we’re definitely working on optimization and performance issues. We’re on it!

Now, let’s get into what’s coming up:

  • Quest System: We’re wrapping up a new quest system that lets you visit real-life landmarks to collect stamps and earn cool rewards. Think t-shirts, cryptocurrencies, and special coupons.
  • Optimization: As we mentioned, making the app faster and smoother is our top priority. We want everyone to have the best experience, no matter where you are.
  • New Countries: We’re working on bringing the app to more countries. It’s a bit of a process to make sure everything is compliant and we have the best rewards and partners lined up.

We’ve got even more awesome stuff in the pipeline, but we’ll focus on what’s coming soon. We’ll keep you in the loop as we go. Feel free to drop your questions here or hit us up on social media!

Speaking of social media, you’ve probably noticed we’re active on a bunch of channels. If you’re an English speaker, we suggest sticking to Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), and Facebook. Our Instagram is in Korean (yep, we’re a Korean company!).

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