All about Profit Distribution on FingeRate App

1 min readMay 2, 2024


Hey FingeRate fam, we’re back with more information about our profit distribution system! But before we dig in, we want to let you know that the system is still a work in progress, so things might look different in the future!

You know how surveys are accessible via Virtual Bots on the FingeRate App, right? Well, now these Virtual Bots can be purchased by anyone, anytime, directly on OpenSea. Even though the functionalities are currently limited, we’re planning to add more in the future, including a profit distribution system.

And here’s the scoop: Whenever a new survey is created on the Virtual Bot you own, a portion of the creation fee is set aside as your share of the revenue. These earnings will be transferred to your wallet address quarterly, just so we can ensure everything runs smoothly.

And the best part? If there’s a change of ownership in the future, the new owner’s wallet address will be registered, ensuring that profits are always sent to the right place.

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