So… What’s a Virtual Bot?

2 min readMay 22, 2024


Have you met our Virtual Bots yet? If you’re new to it or want to explore its full potential, stay tuned — this piece is just for you!

So, what exactly is a Virtual Bot? In short, they are designated spots within the Metaverse accessible through the FingeRate App. Strategically placed at key city landmarks and popular locations like subway stations, train stations, malls, and more, they’re all around you. Actually, you could open the FingeRate App and check it out yourself— you might be surprised by what you see!

The exciting part? Anyone can upload a survey to these Virtual Bots, transforming them into dynamic connections between surveys and users, which perfect for any organization out there. You can even claim ownership of a Virtual Bot and customize it to your liking! Whether you want it to feature your organization’s logo, a specific color scheme, or any other personal touch, the design is in your hands.

Customizing your Virtual Bot not only improves your organization’s visibility but also attracts more engagement with your surveys. Plus, you can set the proximity range for survey responses to ensure you gather the most relevant data.

Can’t find any Virtual Bots around you? Don’t worry! Contact us, and we will add one.

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