Upgrading the FingerRate app with the Metaverse!

Feb 7, 2024

Making your experience as enjoyable as possible! GG56 is developing an improved version of the FingerRate app that seamlessly merges the physical and digital worlds, effectively bridging the gap between them. With our extensive network of virtual bots doted around the globe, our solutions revolutionize the survey-taking process, offering benefits to both businesses and users alike!

📢 Social Media Channels
Homepage https://www.fingerate.world/
Medium https://medium.com/@fingerate
Twitter https://twitter.com/fingerate_msot
Telegram https://t.me/fingerate_en
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fingerate_kr/
linktree https://linktr.ee/fingerate




FingeRate's ecosystem offers AI-powered touchless surveys, a metaverse app, and MSOT tokens for seamless navigation. Simply explore your audience's emotions!